Benefits of Magnesium

Magnesium is vital to our wellbeing. It helps with : easing headaches and migraines, pre-menstrual tension, anxiety, lactic acid, aids nervous system reactions, patterns and movements and helps move about energy through the body.

Often we are not getting enough into our daily eating due to stress, busy lifestyles and lacking in fresh fruits and vegetables. Always check with your doctor to ensure you can take a supplement.

Studies have shown that taking this as a spray or soaking in a bath / foot soak is beneficial compared to ingestin the magnesium as a tablet, as its not going through the digestive system. This means your body absorbs and uses it faster and more of it!

Check out this video for some brief info on how it could help you… let me know if you have any questions !


Guest Appearance – How Pilates Can Help you

It was a lot of fun recently chatting to ‘All About You TV’ on the benefits of Pilates and how to improve your wellbeing. With busy lifestyles its more important now than ever to ensure you have ways to minimise your stress, eat to energise your body and and stay physically strong with a good posture and balanced muscles.

Pilates-based exercise can help you do this. Hope you learn a few tips in this interview, and join me online to get access to your ’10 Week Pilates Body Fit’ program to start your strong, healthy body now!


7 Minute Foam Roller Massage

Sometimes our muscles just need a good massage with the foam roller! I love this piece of equipment and so do my clients. The trick is to move slowly over the roller and keep your core/tummy slightly engaged to control the movement over the roller. If very sore from a strong workout do some stretches first. Remember to take deep breaths!

The benefits? 

Foam rolling will help you:

*Increase flexiblity

*Decrease fatigue

*Improve circulation

*alleviate muscles stiffness and pain

*Speed up recovery

*Help align your muscles and spine

Simple 10 Minute Stretch Routine- upper and lower muscles

This stretch routine will help you get a nice full body stretch to help tight muscles in the backs of the legs, hips, rotation through the spine and arms. It is a great stretch routine to do after or before another workout, or even on those days where you feel you just need to relax and get your muscles supple and flexible.

Remember to breathe deep and do not strain when you are doing stretches, that way you will feel a nice release in the muscles and really reduce tension. Please post below how you go with this workout and when you do it!

Power to your Core,
Vanessa Bartlett xo