‘6 pack abs’ vs a strong core

Flat tummies, 6 pack abs, hourglass shapely figures. At some point you’ve likely had a goal to achieve one or the other, which is it for you? The good news is all are achievable. The catch? All take work and effort in varying degrees. Aside from this, it’s great to look at your goals from […]

Pilates Helps Reduce Stress

How Pilates Helps Reduce Stress

We know Pilates can help with your core, your body shape, posture and flexibility, but what about the mind’s side of things? As I write this I’m feeling edgy, you know when you need to exercise and get back into alignment, both mentally and physically! I’ve haven’t done any Pilates-based exercises in a few days and […]

Beat procrastination

How to beat procrastination

By the time it takes to procrastinate, you could already be heading out the door or switching on your exercise video at home to get moving! It’s human nature, we think about things for too long, then we end up over-analysing whether we should go to our class or should do an activity we are […]