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Hi there! My name is Vanessa Bartlett, and I'm a Pilates & Fitness Coach, Presenter, Author.

There was a time when I felt like giving up on the whole 'keeping fit' thing when doctors couldn't tell me what the cause was of my extreme tiredness and sickness was.

See, I'd been a personal trainer from age 18, teaching aerobics, group classes, boxing, personal clients and sporting groups.

Leading this busy lifestyle and teaching too many 'high intensity' classes had led me to over-train and as a result go through 'adrenal fatigue' for about 3 years.

That's when you are so tired you literally can't get up in the morning no matter how much you sleep! It was awful. And not what I 'envisaged' my career as a health and fitness expert to be, either!

As a result I had to give up on the hard-core style gym training I was used to and went on search of a more gentle approach to maintaining muscle tone and well-being.

After about a year of doing gentle exercise and light walks, I thought I'd try 'Pilates,' and was immediately hooked.

You see, I wanted so much to feel that 'energy' that people spoke of after they exercised, but because of my exhausted adrenals all I felt like was to sleep and lay on the couch!

I remember leaving one of those first Pilates classes I did and felt an INSTANT 'boost' to my energy and muscles. And the great thing was that energy lasted for hours AFTER the class!

I went over in my head what we had done, and I thought 'wow, there's something powerful about this Pilates thing.'

Not only had I done a workout that toned my arms, legs, and boosted my heart rate, but it also included an effective set of tummy-flattening exercises!

'This has to be what I've been looking for,' I thought to myself.

And so there it was - I set out to study as much about Pilates as possible and made it my mission to HELP as many people a possible to get fit, re-shape their body and boost their mind through this super-effective method.



What's Included in the Program?

I take you step-by-step each week through your workouts to ensure you learn the correct techniques and get results!

Core Test 101

This test will give you a benchmark to work from so you can re-test after 30 days and see your improvements!

My clients love it.

Wait till you see your RESULTS improve dramatically!

Week 1

Build the Foundations: No matter if you have exercised before or not, you will learn the foundational movements and techniques to ensure you GET RESULTS moving forward.

Week 2

Core Strength: We focus on building strong tummy and back muscles here, along with toning and building on from week 1. You will start to feel more energy and improvements in your body.

Week 3

Body Sculpt: Here you will start to integrate more full-body movements to allow for greater strength, muscle re-shaping and greater challenge. You will start to feel stronger with improvements in your posture, mindset and muscle mobility and tone.

Week 4

Total Body Strength: We work on total body integration in week 4, where you will be able to tone, sculpt, and re-shape your body. I've also added in some 'fat-burning' movements to help you boost your fitness and metabolism too!


  • Easy-to-follow video program in the comfort of your own home
  • Can help you re-shape and tone your whole body
  • Improve your total body strength
  • Gain energy and vitality
  • Decrease stress and help balance your mind
  • Help you gain flexibility
  • Enhance fat loss

To ensure you get the MOST out of your 30 Day Pilates Blitz, I wanted to give you a few FREEBIES aswell!

GIFT #1 'Get Flexible, Get Free' Total Body Stretch Guide

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This ebook will teach you the important basics of exactly what to focus on to ensure you get the MOST out of your Pilates Blitz.

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This guide will teach you exactly what to eat without having to do any crazy diets! You will learn how to make very simple, wholesome foods to boost your energy and nutrition. It comes with a bonus food planner to help you with your 30 Day Blitz.

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Serena - "I've never been the exercising type but thought I'd try Pilates. It's helped strengthen, tone and shape my body, healing the back pain I used to suffer. Vanessa is a supportive instructor. I feel taller and less stressed too!"

Margaret - "I find that Pilates is both relaxing for the mind and physical exercise that gives core strength, flexibility and balance. I feel invigorated and refreshed!" PLUS get access to my 'invite only' PHE VIP Facebook Group to get full support with a community of motivated women!!

To get 5 private classes with me will cost you $750 plus the free gifts you're getting $821 worth of value!

30 Day Pilates Blitz normally $97

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Power to your Core,

-Vanessa Bartlett