10 Week Pilates Body Fit ONLINE

Are you wanting to improve your posture and muscle tone?

Sick of having to do grueling exercise that makes you feel more tired than when you started?

Wanting to get stronger and fitter but not sure how?

Special $167 now only $97


But more than just that… are you wanting to achieve better mental balance, stress relief and clarity into your life? With stress causing issues like inhibiting fat loss, impacting your flow and energy and getting in the way of success in achieving your healthiest body, the last thing you want to do is add more stress to your body and mind with gruelling, intense exercise that quite frankly may not be suitable for where you are at right now.

I’m of seeing women stay ‘stuck’ in achieving a healthy, fit body, and tired of seeing people push themselves with incorrect foundations of basic strength when doing exercise, which causes injury and de-motivates you!

After being a successful personal trainer and group fitness trainer since age 18, then experiencing adrenal fatigue in my mid twenties, I realised something had to change. Surely there was a better, more effective way to get results without pushing yourself beyond what your body could handle?

Exercise should make you feel great, and be injury free…. all the time! The problem was, I realised this was not the case for so many people, myself included!

So I went on a mission… I researched, I trialled, and finally stumbled across Pilates-style exercise. Energy literally entered back into my body and I felt great after feeling extreme exhaustion for over 2 years from adrenal fatigue!

Not only that, I was able to re-shape my waistline, legs and whole body and become pain-free from all the weights and high-impact exercise I had put myself through years earlier.

The good news for you…! Exercise has evolved and I have made it my mission to bring you a realistic, sustainable approach to exercise and fitness that can enhance your life.

With the popularity of my face to face 10 Week Pilates Body Fit program, I have literally re-created and filmed everything we do in class to bring this program to you in the comfort of your own home, to do conveniently when it suits you. No time restraints, no location issues!

The 10 Week Pilates Body Fit was designed to help you achieve a healthier, stronger body, helping to ease aches and pains while re-shaping muscles. I’ve combined mostly Pilates-style moves and the most effective traditional fitness moves to bring you an effective program that will enhance your body.

Special $167 now only $97

My successful community of women off all ages have experienced:

  • better core strength
  • improved posture
  • more shapely, feminine muscles
  • flatter tummies
  • improved flexibility
  • better mental focus and clarity
  • stress relief
  • mindfulness
  • enhanced weight loss

If you have struggled to find something suitable for your body, that brings mindfulness into your regime and helps your mental clarity, I can help you.