10 Week Pilates Fit, Kingsgrove

Term 2: Monday 24th April to Saturday 1st July 2017

Our signature 10 week Pilates Blitz program takes you through a progressive, step-by-step Pilates-based workout program. This genius method of exercise develops and strengthens all muscles – not just your ‘outer’ muscles to ensure balance, flexibility and a lean, healthy look.

It is designed to build your body week by week and teach you the correct way to safely work your body without the fear of bulking and over-training the body.

You will enjoy stress relief, a deep connection of the body, mind and spirit, while enjoying toning your body, re-shaping and boosting your energy and health. The secret to a strong, toned body is inner health. We teach how to get there, step-by-step.

Inside ‘Nadine’s Academy of Dance’

Gateway Business Park Unit 27, 105a Vanessa Street Kingsgrove NSW 2208

TIMETABLE 2017: 10 Week Pilates Blitz: (2 week break in between each term)

Term 2: Monday 24th April to Saturday 1st July 2017

All classes are PILATES-BASED technique for strength, core, tone, flexibility.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7:45am Pilates
9:15am Pilates 9:15am Fat Burn Pilates 9:15am Pilates
7.40am Fat Burn Pilates 7:00pm Pilates
8:00pm Pilates


FAT BURN FIT PILATES: For those wanting to focus more on fat-burning, cardio fitness, and reshaping your body. You will bring your heart rate up to boost your metabolic rate and improve results in fat loss, reshaping and overall fitness and sculpting. The perfect blend of PILATES and FITNESS-BASED exercises to get you results.

Suitable for: Beginner to Advanced provided you have no underlying conditions or injuries.
Intensity: moderate to sweaty!

TOTAL BODY PILATES: This class focuses on toning, strengthening and sculpting your entire body while improving posture, flexibility and core strength. You will still get a fat-burning boost, taught at a slower pace than Fat-Burn. The exercises in this class are mainly traditional Pilates Mat Exercises, plus the occasional Fitness Exercise or Yoga stretch for variety.

Suitable for: Beginner to Advanced
Intensity: light to moderate

IMPORTANT INFO – For anyone who has been recommended by a Chiro or Physio you need to be cleared by them in writing to participate in GROUP CLASSES. Groups of 10-15 people are NOT suitable for people suffering from chronic ailments, PRIVATE sessions by appointment only. Unsure? Call Vanessa at 02 8071 4605

Most Pilates-based programs only focus on Pilates as the sole method of exercise. Although this is great, the body needs to move and get strengthened in different ways, utilising all muscles.

Here you will experience a unique combination of Pilates and fitness training, getting the best of both worlds in a holistic and stress free approach to achieve:

  • core strength
  • stress relief
  • muscle tone
  • total body strength
  • flexibility
  • better body balance and less pain

We also work term by term helping beginners feel comfortable every step of the way. We’ve got your back!

Have questions? Call Vanessa 02 8071 4605.

What My Clients Are Saying!

I’m 65 and needed to strengthen my abs, inner core and spine. I am no pleased I found Vanessa. She is very professional and challenges me to what she knows I’m capable of. When I started I could barely do the exercises, but now feel strong and confident. Thank you for making this enjoyable for all ages Vanessa!

Serena, 31

‘I feel the extra benefit of fitness and Pilates training that Vanessa teaches. It has helped me reduce weight and feel less stressed too. I always come out with a more positive mindset too.’

Eva, 43

‘I remember my first session about 3 yaears ago, I struggled to get down on the mat. I remember you noticing my fear and apprehension, you said, ‘ it’s ok I have your back.’ Wow! Relief someone cared. I am happy to say I’m turning 50 and feel satisfied I can put my best foot forward with strength.’

Beth, 50

‘I have increased my deep core strength and muscle tone as well as my spine safety measures. Vanessa is a fabulous instructor who knows what she is talking about.’

Mel, 35

Your spot is secure when full payment is made online at time of booking.

Health Fund Rebates Available with Vanessa Bartlett !


  • Great for fat loss, re-shaping whole body, increasing fitness
  • Maximum results in 10 weeks
  • $510 (average $17 per class! best value)
  • VIPS (5 terms or more), Students/ Pensioners = $450


  • Great for re-shaping, increased energy
  • Great for people wanting increased fitness and strength
  • $420 ($21 per class)
  • VIPS (5 terms or more), Students/Pensioners = $380


  • Great for getting back into exercise
  • Great for time-poor people
  • Great for those wanting to make changes more gradually
  • $230 ($23 per class)
  • VIPS (5 terms or more), Students/Pensioners = $210


Join Vanessa Bartlett and team for a holistic and enjoyable Pilates and fitness experience.

Vanessa has 14 years experience and is a presenter and author, appearing on Channel 7 Morning Show, All About you TV and TVSN Network.

After adrenal fatigue and poor health she discovered Pilates and a more balanced approach to wellbeing, and now teaches this to people every day to empower lives globally.